“Overeating was my downfall. I loved chocolates and sweet treats and the heavier I got the more I ate. A friend suggested I try hypnotherapy so feeling kind of hopeless I did. I began to crave sweet things less and less and then I became more motivated to eat healthier and even to exercise, which I previously avoided. The results are amazing and I have been able to keep the weight off for four years.”
Port Moody
“After 23 years of being addicted to nicotine one hypnotherapy session enabled me to stop smoking without any cravings. I highly recommend this method.”
“I have always had a fear of public speaking but my new job required me to make presentations so I tried hypnotherapy and to my surprise it worked! Each month I speak to a fairly large audience and although I do feel a little apprehensive I manage to present without going bright red, stuttering or getting sick to my stomach.”
New Westminster
“My 8 year old daughter would not stop biting her nails and out of sheer desperation we tried hypnotherapy. I was sceptical at first but after a few sessions she was able to give up the habit completely.”
“Falling asleep has been problematic for me all my life and I would rather not take medication if I don’t have to so I tried hypnotherapy. Louise made up a sleep tape for me and if I’m having trouble sleeping at night I listen to the tape and in no time at all I am able to drift off.”
“Inexplicably I have always been afraid of flying and only after being regressed during hypnosis and finding the source of my fear was I able to overcome it. Now vacations are a pleasure and my husband loves to travel so he is delighted that I am no longer afraid.”